Holy cow! Thanks so much!

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I thought about stopping writing here on Medium today. In fact, in the month I have been here, I actually think about it often. It can be hard to juggle the needs of a household and doing, well anything else. Honestly, I am not even sure how we managed when I was working full time. In some ways, we didn’t, and I let a lot of things slide. It is pretty tempting to let my inner critic beat me up and tell me that I can’t make this work.

Anyway, today I am grateful because anytime I think, man, I should just stop making time for this, something stops me. It could be an email that tells me that a story got curated (yay!), or a notification that someone clapped for a story that I thought no one would read after the first day it was up, or like today, kind words from someone who stumbled on my writing and enjoyed it.

Also, yesterday, I got paid for the first time from Medium. Not a lot, but enough to buy some tasty coffee syrup. And it tastes better because, for the first time, I am being paid to write creatively.

MMM vanilla. Creative vanilla, even. Photo courtesy of the author.

I’ve been paid for technical writing (there is a few software SOPs out there that I am still wicked proud of). I’ve been paid to ahem “assist” in writing — or should I say slash and burn editing— term and grant papers back at University. I’ve been paid for using my writing skills in jobs not traditionally known for writing. I have even been paid to edit my friend’s novel manuscript (I can’t wait till she finishes the re-write and I get to read it again!). But I have never been paid to write down my own thoughts. I always wondered, Who would care?

Well apparently, as of right now 112 of y’all liked my thoughts enough to follow me and see if Medium will cough up one of my stories onto your homepage now and then. Like a digital cat leaving you birds in case you get hungry. To you fellow readers and writers, I say:

My sincerest thanks!

I am so glad that I’ve had a chance to reach out to you through the magic of the interwebs and hopefully give your day a little more brightness.

My first article was “About Me”. It got published in a publication with the same name one month ago today. In that month, I have thrown out about 50 drafts, published a handful of things that have hopefully made people laugh, and wondered how to balance this with kids and life. But today, kind words from people I am connecting with on here have encouraged me to keep writing and keep trying.

You guys are awesome. Thank you.

I love that here I am connected to other people that are growing and writing interesting and creative stories. I can’t wait to read (and write!) some more.

I’m an exhausted parent, an American living in Ireland, an introverted bookworm and a tweeter of crappy haikus.

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